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Pilates Group Class Descriptions


Beginning Fundamentals: This class covers the form and technique on the Pilates Reformer. Prerequisite: Must complete 3 private sessions before signing up for group sessions or be approved by instructor.  Please call 949-673-7350 to schedule your privates.


All Level Class: This class will focus on core strengthening, flexibility and posture alignment.  Props are used (magic circle, balls, and theraband).  All level exercises will be covered.


Intermediate/Advanced Class: This 50 minuteclass continues to educate you how to find your CORE! Prerequisite: Must be familiar with the basic & intermediate repertoire of Reformer exercises, and have a min of 3-6+ month experience or approved by instructor.

Jumpboard Class: Use the Jumpboard to launch, balance and press with creative choreography.  Expect cardio burn, tough ab challenges and quick jumping.


Tower Class: When the reformer isn't enough, we offer a class with half Cardio Jumpboard & half Tower.  Uses springs, the bar and straps to create connectivity.  Prerequisite: Must have a min of 6+ months experience or approved by instructor.


Chair Class: We have merged the best of all worlds.  This circuit is the best of Chair, Reformer, & Bosu Ball.  Jumpstart your heart, mind, body & soul!


Pilates Mat Class: Come and join us for a Challenging Pilates Mat Class. In this class you will learn the sequences of exercises, core conditioning and flexibility.


Pilates Private: Private sessions are the fastest way to progress in Pilates.  A certified Pilates instructor will work one-on-one with you on the full range of equipment.  The instructor will adjust the intensity of the work to the level appropriate for you. Reservations required.

semi-private pilates

Pilates Semi-Private: Semi-Private sessions integrates the classical apparatus in a semi-customized format. Check out our great intro package to get started. Reservation required.

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